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E-bike Types

The new Batavus Finez E-go® Active Plus is dveloped in collaboration with the T.U. Delft.

An electric bicycle that is suitable for all your cycling trips. With a closed chain guard, comfortable saddle and suspension fork, it can handle any ride.

The extra powerful mid-engine is perfect for hilly terrain, but is also suitable for a quick ride to the city or to the supermarket. An e-bike that does not shy away from a ride!

When you combine style and functionality you get the Finez. The Finez offers you a very stable driving experience and the weight is optimally distributed so that you remain agile. The geometry of the frame is comfortable and upright, which ensures a relaxed sitting position so that you can optimally enjoy every kilometer!

  • Extra powerful mid-engine offers you natural support
  • Equipped with new dynamic daytime running lights with V-Light, connected to the battery of the bicycle
  • Stable frame with low entry, developed in collaboration with the T.U. Delft
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you come to a stop safely and quickly
  • The suspension seatpost and front fork give you the necessary comfort during your ride
  • Choose from a 300, 400 or 500 Wh battery and choose how far you cycle
  • Available in extra large size in ladies model